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What is the function of the trap?

2022-08-13 1163

1. The trap can play the role of isolating the air in the pipe, so as to prevent the odor and bacteria in the pipe from escaping back to the room. In addition, it can effectively prevent the insects in the pipe from crawling into the room from the pipe, so as to ensure that the indoor living environment is not affected.

2. When there are foreign matters in the pipeline, the foreign matters will generally be accumulated in the trap, and the trap is generally equipped with an openable cover. As long as the cover is opened, the foreign matters accumulated in the pipeline can be easily taken out, and the trap can be cleaned, so as to effectively avoid the blockage of the pipeline.

3. Generally, the trap can only be installed underground, and it is inevitable that it will be blocked after a long time. If it is to be repaired, the installation position of the trap generally needs to be broken. Therefore, the actual installation position of the trap must be carefully selected. Generally, traps should be installed at the outlets of toilets, washbasins, vegetable washing basins, washing machines, etc.

4.There are generally many types of traps on the market, such as S-type, p-type, U-type, etc. The purpose and installation position of each trap are also different. Therefore, it is suggested that you must choose according to the actual installation environment and your own needs.

5.In order to ensure that the water trap can be used normally, it is suggested that the water column height of the trap should be maintained between 50mm and 100mm, otherwise the trap is easy to be damaged, and a suitable vent pipe should be installed for the pipeline to effectively avoid the generation of odor in the pipeline.