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What are the characteristics of the four common floor drains in the market?

2021-12-13 1118

This floor drain has a unique structure. Its principle is based on gravity, that is, when the gravity of water impacts the gravity of the plastic plate itself, the plastic plate will pop open and filter the water when the strong water flows. When there is no water, the floor drain plate shell is tightly covered. It can be seen that it uses the principle of gravity and magnetic force skillfully to isolate the air. This is also mainly to prevent the spread of odor. The main advantages of this material are fast launching speed, high practicability and good usability. However, if you want to be really durable and use for a long time, you have to choose a high-quality flip floor drain. Otherwise, if you choose a floor drain with poor technology, you will not only lose the original advantages, but also fail to play the role of odor prevention. In addition, if the seal is not tight, the odor will more easily spread.

2. T-type floor drain this type of floor drain structure is different from the turnover floor drain. Its operating principle is an operating mechanism of opening and bouncing. You can understand it as the on-off valve at the lower part of the wash basin. The more advanced T-shaped floor drain contains magnets inside. This kind of floor drain is somewhat similar to the flip plate. The floor drain also changes under the impact of water and performs opening and closing functions. However, this floor drain is not in place in terms of odor prevention function. Moreover, due to the impact of water on the floor drain plate, it will bounce and constantly make noise, disturbing the quiet life.

3. U-shaped floor drain: generally, families will choose this kind of U-shaped floor drain. People often call it water sealing floor drain. This kind of floor drain is the most intuitive and does not appear the phenomenon of the switch bouncing. It is a simple process of water infiltration. In order to prevent odor and remove odor, there will be a water seal design in the design of the lower pipe, so the water flow speed will be relatively slow compared with the above two types, but the impact is small.

4. Silicone floor drain the last floor drain to be introduced is silicone floor drain. Its advantage is that it is more hygienic, resistant to dirt and clean, and its cleaning performance can reach five stars. Its principle is to add a silicone core to the common floor drain. This kind of leakage core is relatively cheap and can be used in places where water is frequently discharged, such as the washing machine. However, the material of silica gel is easy to be damaged and aged, and it should be replaced frequently.