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Floor drain is often used in our life, so how to correctly select floor drain? Let's introduce it to you.

2021-12-13 1184

1.The floor drain with different sealing methods shall be selected according to the use place of the floor drain, and the appropriate drainage volume shall be selected according to the internal diameter of the floor drain socket and different use places.

2.The filtering function shall be complete. Insufficient filtering function will lead to foreign matters blocking the pipeline. The optimal filter mesh aperture is between 5mm and 8mm, which can prevent foreign matters from falling into the pipeline.

3.Some mechanical floor drains use plastic as the core. The characteristic of plastic is that it will be brittle after three to five years of use. The core of this floor drain needs high-frequency activities, so the power of the floor drain is not stable enough and various problems may occur.

4.The choice of floor drain also needs to be determined according to the place of use. For example, if the instantaneous water flow of the washing machine is very large, the special floor drain of the washing machine should be selected.